• REDUCE PAIN                                                 REDUCE JOINT STIFFNESS

  • INCREASE BLOOD FLOW                                IMPROVE TISSUE FLEXIBILITY 

  • IMPROVE RANGE OF MOTION                                DECREASE STRESS


  • PERSONAL TRAINING                                    PROMOTE A HEALTHY LIFESYLE

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   *East meets West with a holistic approach. Eastern and Western modalities combined for pain relief. Each session is customized to patients needs. Sessions consist of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) with modalities such as manual therapy, sports therapy, massage, cupping, scraping, hot/cold therapy, and/or electrotherapy(TENS and Acupoint).*





 *You do not have to be in shape, or be an athlete to receive this treatment. When your body gets stressed, or you have poor posture, or do not make time to stretch, your muscles will become tight. Your body will become stiff, restricting movement. Tight muscles can and will affect your tendons, ligaments, bones and blood circulation.*



   *Good blood circulation is vital to your health. The build up in your muscles will not go away on its own. You may be unaware of all your tension spots either. We use various techniques to help achieve better blood flow and decrease tension. With better blood circulation, your muscles won't just feel better, but they will also receive the needed oxygen and nutrients for your overall health.*




    *Better circulation also helps remove waste from the body created by different organs. Our goal is to help with body awareness, and guide you to live a healthier lifestyle.*

Located upstairs in American Top Team Martial Arts East Orlando