Master Freddie G. MT, LMT, PT, CKTP, MA34783


   "Before there were medical books and medical schools, there were people that were healing others. Some were members of a tribe or a clan. People would seek to them for their healing powers. Sometimes they healed someone spiritually, or with a concoction of specific herbs, or simply with a healing touch. They were sought out to help heal people. That was their calling. Everyone in their tribe would go to them for their ailments. They were called shamans, or healers, or the wise one, or the medicine man. It's what they did and what they dedicated their lives to.


I grew up playing sports and fighting. I wanted to be a professional football player, or a professional fighter at one point in my life. My body didn't agree with that, and I landed with injuries; torn ACL in my knee from wrestling, hyper extended elbow rolling with black belts in jiu-jitsu. I am pretty sure I have an unchecked broken finger and elbow that I just never had x-rays on. I decided to go the other route and dedicate my life to my family, and helping others with pain and/or stress management. It makes sense that I ended up inside an MMA gym. I used to want to fight people, now I just fight pain. This is my life."


Tabatha has been a professional massage therapist since 2016 and in the health care industry for over 15 years. She is a passionate healer that is results focused. Tabatha has been trained in a wide array of modalities. Deep tissue, trigger point, PNF stretching, Prenatal, Cranio-sacral and more. With this knowledge and experience, she creates a custom treatment plan. Each treatment plan is specifically tailored for the needs of each patient and receive the approach that works best for them. If you are looking for pain relief or the ultimate relaxation experience you have found the right place!


Judette has been a licensed massage therapist for 7 years. She started out in the franchise industry and built a firm foundation in her experience in the field. She is certified in Reflexology, Reiki, sports relief techniques, prenatal, deep tissue and has experience and knowledge in spinal and sciatic issues as well as neck dysfunctions. She has been a long standing member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) since 2015.