Freddie Gautier MT, LMT, PT, CKTP, MA34783


   "Before there were medical books and medical schools, there were people that were healing others. Some were members of a tribe or a clan. People would seek to them for their healing powers. Sometimes they healed someone spiritually, or with a concoction of specific herbs, or simply with a healing touch. They were sought out to help heal people. That was their calling. Everyone in their tribe would go to them for their ailments. They were called shamans, or healers, or the wise one, or the medicine man. It's what they did and what they dedicated their lives to.


I grew up playing sports and fighting. I wanted to be a professional football player, or a professional fighter at one point in my life. I then decided to go the other route and dedicate my life into helping/healing others. It makes sense that I ended up inside an MMA gym. This is my life. Primum non nocere."