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Fred's All-Pro Fix

"After being a licensed massage therapist (LMT) since 2001, I can say that I am a MASTER in this craft. Over the years I have obtained a variety of skills/techniques to add under my belt. I have worked on THOUSANDS of people and body types. I love learning new ways to help others, and I don't believe that one style is better than the other. In the fighting world there are different styles (boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu), but when you combine them, you come up with mixed martial arts (MMA). I have learned different styles to make me better than your basic LMT. Everyone is different and needs there own approach to therapy and wellness."


~ MR. Fred Physio

"Ain't No Thing Like Me, Except Me."

~Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy

Lights Out Sub

This service is a relaxing massage. We dim the lights and play soft meditation music to get you relaxed and possibly put you to sleep for a nice soothing power nap. The lights may be out, but the session will be lit!


Gorilla Ground and Pound

This service is on the deeper side and is not intended for the weak. It may even leave you feeling beat up and bruised afterwards. You may want to ice after, but ONE THING FOR SURE, is that it is recommended to drink a few extra glasses of water to eliminate the toxin build up in the deeper muscles. IF NOT, you may regret it the next day or so.


MMA Beast Mode

Just like in mixed martial arts where they put together different fighting styles, this service will be mixed modalities; meaning being that this service will include a mixture of different therapies from massage and manual therapy, to cupping, scraping, red light therapy, ETC. We don't like to stick to one style, but incorporate all styles picked up along the way to become the ultimate weapon in healing/therapy. 


Point Fighter

This treatment will focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and the different vital points in the body. In TCM, there are points/meridians along the body(acupressure), and in the ears, hands, and feet(auricular therapy and reflexology). These points can stimulate or sedate/relax someone. Very similar to acupuncture, but needleless. 


Cupping and/or IASTM (Scraping)

Cupping therapy uses small cups placed directly on the skin, and suctions the air out to create a strong vacuum feel. It can help decrease pain, detoxify the area, increase blood circulation, and promote cell repair. This treatment may leave significant marks/bruises just a heads up. So if you have a photoshoot or event that may reveal these marks/bruises, than this therapy is NOT for you.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), aka scraping, is a therapy where an instrument is used on the skin causing micro trauma to the area. This micro trauma will initiate the inflammatory response, causing the cells to repair itself. This treatment can assist in the production of collagen, helps alleviate pain, helps with inflammation, and also speeds up recovery. Just like cupping, this therapy may leave marks. The marks, called PETECHIAE, are reddish brown/purple in color.

The marks left behind from both treatments are not permanent and will eventually fade. Again, if you do not wish to have this look, please DO NOT book. 

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