A few things to know before your session.

I am mainly writing this for those that are new to taking care of yourself, and your health. I am not a doctor, but more of a natural healer. I believe in and study Eastern medicine with a holistic approach. I have been a licensed health practitioner since 2001. There is definitely some science behind what I do. I have been told that I have helped people more than some doctors have. Some people say that I have healing hands, or golden hands. Although I do not work for the Orlando Magic directly, they say I have "magic" hands....that I am a magician of some sorts. I have even been called a Jedi once. I love it all.

I really enjoy relieving someones pain, physically, mentally and emotionally, helping people with diets and exercise. I am not a certified trainer or nutritionist. A lot of people come to me for muscular pain, or body maintenance. Others, only book sessions because they want to relieve stress and relax.

I use my knowledge of the human body, and experience with daily soreness, aches and pains, to try and help others with body aches. Physical stress can cause you mental stress, and mental stress can cause you physical stress. And stress...is a killer. What I do is a therapeutic touch, and manual therapy for overall health and wellness.

Some people only have time for a 30 minute session, while others will book with me for a whole hour and a half. A 30 minute session is ideal for spot treatments or, if you want just the upper or lower half done. It's doable to do a full body session in 30 minutes, but it's better if you book an hour for full body. 75-90 minutes is ideal to do full body with some specific spot treatments. The clothing is optional, but that doesn't mean you can be naked on the table either without some form of draping(sheets, clothes, or towel). Some people wear their gym clothes, others a bathing suit. I can't do certain things over the clothes like apply lotion or cupping. If you feel comfortable to completely undress for the session, you must lay underneath a sheet. You have the option of choosing what you listen to (music, podcast, audio book,etc.) If it's something that will bother me, or I don't approve I will say something. If there is something that bothers you please speak up.

I really hope this helps and everyone has a great experience with me, or feels better when they leave. I aim to heal everyone some how. If you think I deserve it, please leave me a 5 star review. Thank you in advance.