Masseuse, Masseur, and Massage Therapist

This article is to clarify the meaning of the names masseuse, masseur, and massage therapist. I am often asked which I prefer, and my answer will always be massage therapist. A masseuse is a female who gives massages. A masseur is a male who gives massages. Massage therapists, are those that study the profession and actually obtain a state license. The license is given by the Department of Health as any other healthcare provider. The term masseuse is offensive to some because it has come to carry a negative connotation. This is due to the fact that there are some unlicensed massage businesses that provide sexual favors unfortunately. You may be met with some hostility if you call a female massage therapist a masseuse because of this fact. I earned the title of massage therapist in 2001. I consider myself more as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, muscular therapist/physiotherapist.